IndustryHunting isn’t merely a hobby or pastime, it is a way of life. And those who call it their own share a strong sense of community. For them, camouflage is worn and displayed as a badge of honor – an emblem of who they are and where they belong. In short, it is the unifying flag of a very tight-knit group of people in America.

  • Our Consumer
    • 45.3 average age of avid U.S. hunters
    • 90% of hunters are male
    • 27% of U.S. hunters have 4 or more years of college
    • $62,536 average household income of avid hunters
  • Number of U.S. hunters: 11.5 million
  • Number of U.S. anglers: 35.8 million
  • Dollars spent annually in total expenditures for hunting and fishing: $81 billion
  • Americans spent more than 184 million days hunting and anglers spent 465.4 million days fishing annually

Applying world-renowned Mossy Oak patterns to your products creates new opportunities for your consumers to identify themselves as part of their tribe. For you, it’s a surefire way to create an emotional connection to your brand, while targeting a new group of potential customers.

Why Mossy OakWe know our consumer because we are our consumer. Living the outdoor lifestyle is fundamental to everything we do — our core mission is to connect people with the outdoors.

Every day for the last 30-plus years, we’ve kept an unwavering focus on quality and authenticity that’s been rewarded by our consumers with extraordinary brand awareness and unrivaled brand loyalty.

Today’s supply chain is complex and can be difficult to navigate. Partnering with Mossy Oak’s global team gives your team access to unmatched supply chain support and service.

By partnering with Mossy Oak you will receive:

  • Imagery and packaging design assistance with a focus on quality
  • Access to our established retailer relationships and increased sales
  • Increased process efficiency and consultation with our Supply Chain Support Center
  • Clear sourcing strategy and plan with specific targets
  • Collaboration across regional and functional boundaries
  • Global procurements alignment with our sourcing experience
  • Preservation of profit margins and elimination of non-value-add cost components

ApplicationAt Mossy Oak, our team is committed to providing our licensees with services that are both efficient and economical. New business opportunities for our growing list of licensees are constantly in development, along with best application practices. And truth is, no one has more experience in the process.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in hard and soft goods decorating and committed to delivering the highest level of service:

  • Working closely with R&D to ensure quality and consistency of patterns for all products
  • Assisting in go-to-market with new fabrics
  • Bringing new fabric technologies to better benefit partners
  • Making new agreements with decorators throughout the world
  • Streamlining the film distribution process by making it available through Mossy Oak

In addition, the Mossy Oak retail sales team has a clear understanding of retail buying timelines to better assist you in future purchasing decisions as they relate to new Mossy Oak patterns and products.

Both companies, born from humble roots, have grown into two of America’s greatest brands. In business, you are known by the company you keep. Mossy Oak is excellent company and an ideal promotional partner.




01.  Mossy Oak Country Roots®

Backed by 35+ years of leading camouflage design, Country Roots represents the latest in effective concealment with a recognizable connection to our own roots and hunting’s most iconic camo pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland.

02.  Mossy Oak Obsession®

For 2 million dedicated turkey hunters in the U.S., Mossy Oak Obsession is the pattern of choice. It also has a unique color palette that could be the perfect fit for a product in your lineup.

03.  Mossy Oak Shadow Grass® Habitat

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat pays homage to the first waterfowl-specific camo pattern ever made, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass®. It incorporates the most realistic, digitally accurate images of the elements that comprise a true waterfowl habitat.

04.  Mossy Oak Mountain Country®

This pattern was developed specifically for hunting the high country of the American West, and therefore targets another segment of the hunting community. It also currently has two variations in scale: full-size and a down-sized option that’s perfect for adding intricate camo detail to smaller products.

05.  Mossy Oak Bottomland®

The pattern that started it all. Bottomland is Mossy Oak’s original camouflage pattern. Its attractiveness to consumers lies both in its versatility across terrains and the nostalgia it evokes, which plays nicely into the recent spike in popularity of anything deemed ‘old school.’

06.  Mossy Oak® Elements Agua™

7.7 million anglers also hunt. Elements Agua expands the industry-leading Mossy Oak brand into one of the largest and growing outdoor demographics – anglers. The 35.8 million anglers is an increase of 8% since 2011.




Over the years, we’ve been honored to partner with some of the most prominent and powerful brands in the world, helping to enhance the emotional and aesthetic appeal of their products with our distinctive Mossy Oak camouflage patterns. For us, every partnership is extraordinarily valuable, regardless of size or scale. If it has our name on it, it has our total commitment to excellence.

When you join the Mossy Oak family of official licensees, our dedicated team of professionals will be there to help you at every step of the way — from the initial idea phase to the integration of the camouflage pattern onto your product, and beyond. Based upon your business’ specific needs, we’re available to assist you in the development of a successful sales strategy, and in bringing the product to market. We’ll even utilize our vast network of marketing channels and resources to help you promote it.

Costa Del Mar SunglassesNational Wild Turkey FederationDucks Unlimited
National Wild Turkey Federation

Mossy Oak has played a crucial role in cultivating new partnerships for the NWIF because of its commitment to wildlife conservation and the soul of the American hunting lifestyle. Their team has worked to inspire future conservationists by supporting scholarships and wild turkey research efforts administered by the NWTF, in addition to their national day of conservation and other work that has a far-reaching impact on the future of our great outdoors. This type of big-picture partnership is a premier example for others to follow.


Jason Burckhalter, co-CEONWTF

In my experience, the Mossy Oak team has been extremely supportive to our needs as a retailer and incredibly open to ideas and concepts we may have that have allowed us to bring new items to market. They always seem to have a great relationship with their licensees and have been very open to sharing those contacts with us when the opportunity to collaborate may arise. We appreciate the partnership.

Chris Taylor, Wholesale BuyerCOSTCO

“Mossy Oak is one of the best collaborators in the Zippo portfolio” said Violet Snyder, Sr Director, Global Licensing. Mossy Oak assisted with product development, marketing initiatives and sales support. Due to the unique creativeness of this product and diligent alliance, we feel that the Zippo Mossy Oak Heat Bank rechargeable hand warmer is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Violet Snyder, Sr Director, Global LicensingZippo



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